Google Ads Delivers £7.2k For Local Electrician Voltech Electrical
£1.2k spent on Google Ads to generate a £7.2k return in domestic electrical work


Revenue Generated


Quotable Leads


Conversion Rate


Quotable Leads
About The Client
Voltech is a local based Electrical contractor based in Dorset providing electrical services for domestic, commercial and maintenance jobs.
Services Provided
Google Ads management
Landing Page Design


Voltech Electrical is a Dorset based Electrical business started by Danny Lindsay. Up until May 22, Danny had been self managing his Google Ads account with limited success having spent upwards of £8,000 resulting in only 20 tracked conversions. Of the enquiries he did receive he was unsure as to which ones resulted in paid jobs.

Like many self managing Google Ads business owners he faced the common challenges of:

  • Rising cost per lead
  • Non purchase intent traffic
  • Low quality enquiries
  • Unable to track return

Danny approached Atomic Marketing with the challenge of making his Google Ads campaigns profitable and to understand whether Google Ads could attract the right type of customers he was looking for.


High Cost Per Conversions

Our Google Ads audit revealed an exceptionally high cost per conversions (see screenshot below).

Screenshot of Voltech Google Ads account showing high cost / conv.

Inaccurate Conversion Tracking

With the cost per enquiry well above £400, we knew there must be an issue with conversion tracking. Without the ability to accurately track the form submissions and phone call enquiries Danny was in the dark in regards to understanding what was and wasn't working in his campaigns.

Poor Lead Quality

From our onboarding conversation, Danny highlighted the leads he was receiving were people who were "price shopping" and many of the people who completed the form would rarely return his phone calls.

The Strategy

Tracking Every Enquiry

Our first priority was ensuring the conversion tracking for the Voltech Google Ads account was setup properly. With this in place we could now accurately track each individual phone call and form submission as a conversion within Google Ads.

Restructuring Ad Groups

The old campaigns had all of the target keywords within one Ad Group. The problem with this was that that the Ads were not specific to the service keyword within the Ad Group. So someone could type "electrician for rewiring" but a headline could come up for "cooker installation electrician".

We separated all the keywords into their own themed Ad Groups related to the service. With this we could write more relevant Ads to the users search and better manage which services had better performance.

Visualising Return On Investment

We provided Danny with access to our lead management platform, which allowed him see to all the individual leads from the campaign.

This gave him the ability to update each lead to understand the whether it was quotable, what the quote value was and whether it converted into a paying job.

Screenshot of the lead management platform (Voltech)

With all the leads being updated, Danny could see clearly see the total pipeline of quoted work and revenue being generated.

Screenshot of the lead management platform revenue overview (Voltech)


In 45 days we managed to bring the cost per conversion down from over £400 to a consistent £23.30 with an average conversion rate of 15.32%.

Screenshot of Voltech Google Ads campaign results
  • 42 quotable leads generated in 45 days
  • £7,235 revenue generated
  • £10,170 quoted
  • 65% of leads marked as quotable
  • Conversion rated improved from 2% to 15.32%
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