£72k In Booked Loft Insulation Jobs In 8 Months From Google Ads
£5.2k spent on Google Ads to generate a £72k return


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Loft Survey Enquiries


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Return On Ad Spend
About The Client
The Insulation Team is a loft insulation company based in the West Midlands. They specialise in rock mineral wool insulation installations for both lofts and under flooring.
Services Provided
Google Ads management
Landing Page Design


The Insulation Team is a domestic and commercial insulation business run by two friends Sam and Elliot. They launched the business midway through 2021 and have built their reputation throughout the West Midlands to be one of the top local trusted contractors for domestic insulation.

Prior to working with Atomic Marketing The Insulation Team relied heavily on getting enquiries via their Google Business profile, referrals and using pay per lead providers. They also had some prior experience working with agencies who failed to deliver the results promised.

While they still had channels to attract new leads, Elliot and Sam were hungry to "take things to the next level" and approached us in June 2022 with the goal of dramatically increasing their volume of loft insulation job leads using Google Ads.

Fantastic service right from the beginning. As a business we have had a lot of people not deliver on their promises with regards to marketing in the past but the help we've had from Sam has been fantastic, as well as being really easy to get on with they have developed a campaign that works really well for us and has increased the traffic to our business massively. Would highly recommend these guys as the service has been second to none.

Key Challenges

Challenge 1: Basic Website

A Google Ads campaign is only as good as the page you are sending the traffic to. Before building any Google Ads campaigns, we carried out an audit of The Insulation Team's website to understand whether it had the right information to convert paid traffic into new job enquiries.

Screenshot of The Insulation Team website homepage

While their website was simple and clear in the service it provides, it lacked a lot of key elements:

  • Professional design / production value
  • Well placed social proof & testimonials
  • Clear value proposition (e.g. free survey & quote)
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Inspiring call to actions to encourage calls

Challenge 2: Lack Of Demand During Summer

Loft insulation is a seasonal service that peaks in winter and dips in summer. We launched the campaign in the middle of summer which meant there was less overall demand.

Clicks were harder to come by and the cost per click was higher than average with all the local companies bidding highly to show up in the top positions.


High converting landing page

As we had chosen not to use their main website for the campaign, we opted to designed a custom landing page for The Insulation Team.

The goal of this landing page was to clearly showcase what services The Insulation Team provides as well as emphasising their reviews as a highly trusted local company.

The landing page was designed using the following structure:

  1. Hero section with quote form
  2. General overview of services
  3. 3 steps to getting started
  4. Customer reviews
  5. Reasons to invest in loft insulation
  6. Areas covered
  7. Final call to action banner
Preview of The Insulation Team landing page

The benefit of creating a landing page allowed us to create a design and make quick edits and changes to improve the conversion rate of the page.

We were quickly able to achieve a conversion rate of 18% (industry average is 5%). This helped with increasing overall leads without having to spend more on Ad budget, especially with the cost per clicks being very high.

Screenshot showing landing page conversion rate results

Single campaign to combat low traffic

Normally we create a campaign for each target area e.g. Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry etc... however with demand being lower and clicks harder to come by we opted to create one single campaign using a 20 mile radius.

Screenshot of location targeting settings

The benefit of using the single campaign allowed us to collect more data across one campaign and it's Ad Groups and keywords, meaning we could what was working faster.

Intent based Ad Groups & keywords

To prevent The Insulation Team's Ads for showing up for irrelevant searches unlikely to convert into enquiries, we only chose to target keywords which had "commercial intent". This is a keyword search with a clear intent of someone looking for a professional to help them.

These keywords containing words such as “service”, “company” and "contractor". This simple addition helped qualify the intent of the users search as someone looking for an insulation professional to help them.

Campaigns were broken down into 3 different Ad groups; Intent, locations and Near Me. This allowed us to target the high volume “near me” keywords and pick up traffic for all the different location keywords as well.

Tracking booked jobs and sales

One of the reasons Sam and Elliot came on board with us was our transparent and easy to understand approach to tracking leads and sales. Here's what Elliot said:

When it comes to reporting, all we want to see is how much have we spent and how much have we made...

We set them up on our lead management system which allowed them to see all the phone calls and form submission leads generated from the campaign in one central place.

Twice a week they would update the status of the leads as "Quotable: Yes or No" and assign a quote / sales value. This helped all parties understand which leads were good quality, so we could feed that data back into Google to help the algorithms find more "quotable leads".

The Results

In 8 months we were able to generate over £72k in new booked insulation jobs, maintaining a cost per lead of under £25.

Screenshot of The Insulation Team Google Ads campaign results
  • 224 new enquiries in 8 months
  • £72,956 revenue generated
  • £110,275 quoted
  • 79% of leads marked as quotable
  • £23.48 cost per lead
  • 20.11% campaign conversion rate
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