Shnugg Secures £100k In Boiler Installation & Repairs In 3 Months
After spending £15,000 in Google Ads


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Decrease In Cost Per Lead


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Founded in March 2021, Shnugg provides a convenient and streamlined, hassle free service to install, service and maintain home heating systems for properties throughout Essex & the surrounding areas.
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Before working with Atomic, Shnugg had been working with an agency, running a Google Ads campaign spending £500 on a daily basis. Despite the high spend, Managing Director Bruce Hurton said:

The marketing agency that we had initially engaged were burning through our cash at an enormous rate without any success (literally none), to the point where the business was running out of money. All the while we were being told the lack of success with leads was down to the season, the ad account and the lack of data, but keep spending £500 a day and we’ll get there!

We were introduced to Bruce who brought us up to speed on what they were at now and where they needed to go. We carried out a complimentary 45 minute Google Ads account audit, where went through Shnugg’s Ad account in detail over a screen share to uncover where the campaigns were going wrong, areas for improvement and what had to happen next to turn the performance around.


Shnugg’s goal from September to December 2021 was to generate 100+ new leads per month to give the newly hired sales team the opportunity to close more boiler installations and repair jobs. On top of that, we needed to reduce the current cost per lead by 50% at a minimum for boiler installations (£354) and boiler repairs (£120) to make the campaign profitable.

Screenshot of Snugg Google Ads account data (pre taking over management)


Poor traffic quality

The existing campaigns were generating a high volume of irrelevant traffic to the website. This included search terms such as “boiler programming controls'' and “green grants to replace boilers” which were being triggered by a handful of broad match keywords.

Website visitors were not converting

Looking at Google Analytics revealed an 84% user drop off rate from the internal page traffic was being sent to. Even with some good quality traffic, the website was still struggling to turn visitors into enquiries.

Urgency to get results

Every business wants results fast. But with winter fast approaching, and it being the busiest period of the year, the pressure was on to find a way to start generating leads quickly.


When it comes to getting a new boiler, people like to deal with local companies. We developed a local Ad account structure which broke down campaigns according to location and service type. This allowed us to target localised keywords (boiler repair basildon, boiler repair near me) as well as more generic keywords while ensuring our Ads contained relevant, localised Ad copy.

Screenshot of Ad from location based Ad Group

Landing pages

With the website conversion rate being less than 2.5% it was essential to design custom landing pages for both the boiler installation and repair campaigns. With 10 locations 

Rather than creating 20+ landing pages to cover each location, we used dynamic text replacement to swap the location keyword in the landing page headline to match the location of the campaign. This meant we could quickly and efficiently add new locations to the campaign and collect more user data from one single page.

The landing page also featured a multi-step quote form that used a series of low threat, easy to answer questions to get people interacting with the form before completing their personal details (Name, Email, Phone, Postcode) on step 2.

Screenshot of Shnugg landing page conversion rate results

Local area numbers

We set up local numbers for each of the different location campaigns to build trust, reliability, and credibility with site visitors. Using URL parameters at the campaign level, we were able to dynamically swap the phone number based on the location where the traffic was coming from.

Target "high intent" keywords

In order to attract traffic with a high probability of making an enquiry, we only targeted keywords which we categorised as "high intent". By targeting ‘intent-based’ keywords that included a location name or "near me" ensured all the traffic that clicked the Ads and visited the landing pages was from people looking for a company to help them.


  • 710 new enquiries in 4 months
  • £100k in revenue generated
  • 85% decrease in cost per installation lead (£53.45 cost/conv. down from £190)
  • 76% Decrease in cost per repairs lead (£28.55 cost/conv. down from £120
Screenshot of Shnugg's Google Ads campaign data for boiler installation campaigns (since taking over management)
Atomic marketing saved our business. It’s true, without the skills and expertise of Sam and Dale I genuinely don’t think our business would be what it is today. Fast forward 4 months and the these guys are generating around 300 consistent leads a month! Our business is now thriving with predictable leads on a monthly basis and full reporting. I can’t recommend Sam and Dale at Atomic enough, they’re true professionals in their field and genuinely care about the success of your business.
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