$5,000 In 30 Days For Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning
See how Glen from Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning SD went from "swearing to never use Google Ads again" to getting 40 new leads and closing $5k in jobs just over 30 days.


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Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning providing carpet and floor cleaning services to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With 200+ reviews they are the highest rated company in the area which has resulted in being ranked as a top "3 Best Rated" business in their local area.
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Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning is owned and operated by ambitious business owner Glen Hedtrom. Glen started the business back in 2017 and has quickly grown the company to be one of the leading carpet cleaning businesses in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Prior to working with Atomic Marketing Glen had tried a lot of different marketing channels; Facebook Ads, Google Ads, leaflet drops, email and SMS marketing. He'd hired agencies in the past and also tried self managing his own campaigns and had spent a lot of money without seeing a high enough return on investment.

When it came to Glen's previous experience with running Google Ads, here's what he had to say...

I swore I would never run Google Ads again!

Enter Atomic Marketing

We met Glen via a Facebook Group in July 2022 and after a couple of conversations Glen decided to partner with us on a 30 day trial campaign.

The goal was to help Glen regain his faith in Google Ads and most importantly deliver a profitable return on his investment.


Local Competition

Sioux Falls SD has a small population however there are a high number of local competitors all fighting for the same work.

Screenshot of the Google Ads auction insights showing local competitors bidding on the same keywords

With this in mind, a key challenge for us was finding a way to differentiate Eco Fresh's Ads and value proposition without having to lower their prices to match their competitors.

Website Conversion Rate

Historically the Eco Fresh website has had an average conversion rate of 5-10% which is industry average for the home services industry. However after calculating the average customer job value and profit margins, we knew that we would have to improve Eco Fresh's conversion rate to 15% or higher to maintain a profitable campaign.


Custom Landing Pages

Fast forward 30 days here's what Glen had to say about his recent Google Ads experience...

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