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Dorset Stairs is a local staircase joinery that serves Dorset and Hampshire. They specialise in custom staircase design as well as renovation and restoration of older staircases.
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Dorset Stairs was setup back in 2016 by friends / business partners Marcus and Ben. The pair had previously worked together for a number of years as employees of a local loft conversion company. Both had dreams of running their own business, and decided to partner up and set out on their own to build their business.

After 2 years of hard work establishing themselves in the local area, they moved out from Ben's converted garage workshop to a larger dedicated premises where they would have more space and tools to take their business to the next level.

Dorset Stairs approached Atomic Marketing in July 2018 with the goal of helping them get more enquiries from local Dorset and Hampshire homeowners looking to renovate or replace their existing staircases.

Fast forward 4 years and we are still managing their Google Ads campaign.


Like many new businesses, Dorset Stairs had no prior experience with Google Ads or any form of paid advertising. Up until this point all their business had solely come from:

  • Relying on word of mouth recommendations
  • Contract work from other companies
  • Waiting for enquiries via their website
  • Occasional call via Google MyBusiness

We sat down with Marcus and Ben to come up with realistic goals for the first 90 days of the campaign. Here's what the guys landed on:

All we need is one new staircase project per month. This will more than cover the cost of the Ads, your fees and provide plenty of profit leftover.


Low keyword search volume

From our initial research we knew that there was going to be a very limited number of people searching for a new staircases, therefore getting enough clicks would be the main challenge. This was especially the case when targeting higher intent keywords (see below).

  • Staircase renovation
  • Staircase installation
  • Staircase joinery
  • Staircases [location]

Poor Converting Website

Despite having a great portfolio of projects, Dorset Stairs had a very poor quality website that did not reflect the high quality their work. Their website also lacked key elements such as:

  • Clear call to actions (phone numbers and forms)
  • Customer testimonials and online reviews
  • Offer to persuade people to get in touch

All these factors explained why they were receiving very few new enquiries from their website.


Keywords That Cast A Wider Net

The initial campaign structure was made up of service based Ad Groups containing "high intent" keywords. We quickly found that these keywords were receiving very few clicks, despite the Ads being shown over 75% of the time.

To kickstart the traffic we created a new Ad Group that targeted the singular keyword "staircase" to show our Ads anytime someone made a search that included the keyword. While this approach was unconventional and significantly increased our risk to attracting irrelevant search terms, it did work in attracting more clicks and enquiries.

Screenshot of results from single keyword Ad Group targeting the keyword "staircase" (01/08/21 - 20/03/22)

Landing Page With A Clear Offer

Instead of sending traffic to the Dorset Stairs website, we opted to design a landing page that featured:

  • Dynamic headlines that change based on service searched for
  • Multi-step form to book a free survey
  • Trust Pilot reviews
  • Recent project gallery

In contrast to their main website, we made it a priority to showcase the best work, build trust and give people a reason to enquire.

Screenshot of the hero section of the Dorset Stairs landing page


Campaign Results After 90 Days

The first 90 days produced 29 new enquiries which resulted in 6 new projects, doubling the goal set of 1 per month.

Screenshot of Dorset Stairs Google Ads dashboard (24/07/18 - 24/09/18)

Campaign Results After 4 Years

  • 724 new enquiries
  • 15 new qualified enquiries per month
  • Average cost per enquiry of £14.63
  • £250k+ in new project revenue every year
Screenshot of Dorset Stairs Google Ads dashboard (24/07/18 - 20/03/22)

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