Van Lock Installation Ad Campaign Generates £57k In 12 Months
£9.5k spent on Google Ads to generate a £57k return


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About The Client
Daniel's Locksmiths is a shop based locksmith based in North London. Their core services include domestic and commercial locksmithing , but they are also specialists in van security and van lock installation.
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Daniel's Locksmiths is a North London based business started by Daniel Murphy. Daniel launched his business from the back of his van back in 2016. Through hard work and perseverance he has grown his business to multiple vans, a high street shop and is recognised as the go-to locksmith for some of London's top estate agents.

Daniel approached Atomic Marketing with the challenge of marketing his new service van lock security. More specifically to understand whether Google Ads could help him bring in more enquiries to grow the van security part of his business.

We created a performance forecast to understand:

  • How many people are looking for van locks in his target area
  • How much it would cost to advertise
  • What potential return may be expected

We learned there was huge amount of demand in a relatively uncompetitive market. Meaning the cost of advertising would be relatively cheap.

Based on these findings, Daniel gave us the green light to run trial a campaign for 3 months with a monthly monthly budget of £450.


Daniel's Locksmith's Had No Website

At the time Daniel's business had no website. Therefore we designed a custom landing page specifically targeting his van lock installation service.

We researched FB Groups, online forums and even interviewed Daniel himself to learn about van owners' past experiences, fears and frustrations so we could create a page that helped them feel understood.

Video showing the van lock installation landing page
Van lock landing page designed for the Ad campaign

The page featured a dynamic headline that allowed us to replace the text in the headline "Van Lock Installation" with the a chosen keyword from the campaign.

Therefore if someone was searching for dead locks we would should "Van Dead Lock Installation", or if it was slam locks we would show "Van Slam Lock Installation" etc...

The page also featured an easy to use pop up form to capture user information to provide a custom quote.

Initial Results

Campaign Results After 90 Days

The Google Ads campaign produced 151 enquiries between 15/09/20 - 16/12/20 of which Daniel converted 45 into booked jobs earning £18,000 from an Ad spend of £1.33k.

Further Challenges

Too Many Leads Can Be A Problem

With over 50 new leads per month, Daniel was not used to responding such high volumes of leads, especially while being out on jobs at the time.

To overcome this challenge, we integrated an SMS automation software. This software would send a personalised text message instantly as soon anyone completed the landing page form.

The text message asked a simple question to prompt a response. Not only did this help Daniel with being able to respond to ALL enquiries immediately, the response rate improved by 50% helping him convert more enquiries into jobs.


Campaign Results Fast Forward 2 Years

  • 520 new enquiries
  • Average cost per enquiry of £13.05
  • Additional £5-£10k in monthly revenue from van locks campaign
I was always very sceptical of getting involved with a PPC company due to some of the horror stories I had heard, that was until I met with Sam and Dale from Atomic Marketing. They were very clear with prices and information, and the key thing was that there was no 2 year contract. Thinking about it now, I would sign a 10 year contract with these guys. Thanks guys for turning my money into more money, if I could give you ten stars I would. Look forward to working together for the foreseeable future!
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