80% Decrease In Cost Per Lead For Auto Glazing Company
Mobile auto glazing company sees windscreen replacement enquiries fall in cost from £54 per lead to £11 in 60 days.


Revenue Generated


New Enquiries


Conversion Rate


Decrease in cost per lead
About The Client
Autoglazing (UK) Ltd are a West Yorkshire based mobile windscreen repair and replacement company, who have been trading since 1992. They are ATA accredited registered and have over 40 years experience in the automotive glazing industry.
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Andy Sutcliffe is the owner and lead technician at Autoglazing UK. Andy has been running Google Ads since 2015 using multiple different Google Ads agencies as well as self managing his own campaigns. He saw some success however maintaining a profitable cost per lead proved challenging with his cost per lead rising as high as £54.

I've tried working with agencies and doing the Ads myself but nothing has really seemed to work well for me. The cost per lead has always been inconsistent.

Andy approached Atomic Marketing with the goals of reducing his rising cost per lead and maintaining a consistent stream of new windscreen replacement enquiries.

Screenshot of Autoglazing UK's old Ad campaign (04/11/22 - 27/06/22) with a cost per lead of £54.33


Unorganised Ad Group Structure

Our initial audit revealed the current campaign had multiple Ad Groups all with similar keywords. This meant multiple keywords were all fighting over the same traffic with the clicks and conversions being so spread out it was difficult to see which keywords were performing better than others.

Irrelevant Search Terms

After reviewing the search term report, we saw that there was a lot of Ad clicks coming from competitor names and glass supply companies. Upon deeper analysis, these search terms were being triggered by a number of broad match keywords.

The Strategy

Logical Campaign & Ad Group Structure

We reorganised the campaign into 3 topically themed Ad Groups. Each Ad group contained keywords related to: Intent (keywords related to people looking to find a company / service), Locations (keywords with service + locations) and finally generic keywords such as "windscreen replacement".

Screenshot of Ad Group structure within Autoglazing UK Google Ads campaign

Improving Negative Keyword Lists

To stop wasted Ad spend on clicks from competitor names, we build a list of all industry competitor names and added them to the negative keyword list. This combined with pausing the broad keywords resulted in 90% less competitor names showing up in the search term report.

The Results

Within just 14 days of implementing our campaign adjustments we brought the cost per lead down from £54 to £14.56. Within 30 days this £12.51 and now 2 months in, the current cost per lead is £11.

Screenshot of Autoglazing UK's Atomic managed Google Ads campaign (27/06/22 - 15/09/22) with a cost per lead of £11.05
  • £8.1k revenue generated
  • 104 new job enquiries
  • 22% average conversion rate
  • 80% decrease in cost per lead
  • £11 average cost per lead
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