£30,000 In New Jobs for All Rubbish Removal With Google Ads Campaign
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About The Client
All Rubbish Removal is a commercial and domestic rubbish removal company based in West London.
Rubbish Removal
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Tomas is the owner and director of All Rubbish Removal. We met Tomas back in May 2021 who replied to one of our emails explaining the past work we had done with Google Ads in the rubbish removal sector.

Like most business owners Tomas had heard of Google Ads, understood many competitors were using it, however had never tried using Google Ads for his own business. As we had prior experience running Ads within the rubbish removal industry, we explained best and worst case scenarios of what he may expect in terms of enquiries based on a monthly budget of £300.

Tomas joined the Triple Your Trade 90 Day Trial to find out whether Google Ads could be a long term solution to increasing enquiries and removal jobs for All Rubbish Removal.


Local Competition

London has no shortage of rubbish removal companies, many of those who are already using Google Ads. Some factors for us to mindful of were:

  • High cost per clicks
  • "Price shopper" enquiries
  • Irrelevant Ad clicks


For the campaign to be profitable we had to achieve and maintain a cost per enquiry of between £10 - £15. Tomas also stressed the importance of getting "quality" enquiries, so we decided to only focus on getting call enquiries. The goal for the first 90 days was to generate 50 new enquiries.


Extensive Negative Keyword Lists

To avoid irrelevant Ad clicks from competitor names, non serviceable locations and price shoppers. We built extensive negative keyword lists before launching the campaign. This prevented the Ads being seen and clicked by people who would not enquire.

Website Vs Landing Pages

All Rubbish Removal had a professional website, however it lacked key elements such as reviews, before and afters and clear pricing, all of which would improve its ability to convert  traffic into enquiries. Therefore we opted to design a custom landing page for the campaign.

Screenshot of the All Rubbish Removal website homepage

The Landing Page

Dynamic Text Replacement

The landing page was designed with All Rubbish Removal's brand guidelines. One of the key features we used was dynamic text replacement. This was used to swap the location keyword in the landing page headline to match the location users were searching from. We knew this would help improve page conversion rates as people frequently use location based keywords in their Google searches.

Screenshot of the All Rubbish Removal landing page
Include A Pricing Section

The landing page also featured a simple breakdown of pricing. Many rubbish removal companies opt not to display their prices on their website, in the fear that that prospects will see them and go elsewhere.

However, the problem with removing pricing is that when prospects do enquire, they do so without an idea of cost. This often leads to "price shopper" enquiries who are calling multiple companies before choosing the cheapest option.

Including pricing on the landing page helped users understand the base prices before enquiring. As a result, price objections / comparisons were very rare and many of the calls received were converted into paid bookings.

Screenshot of the pricing section on the landing page

Winning The Quality Score Battle

To achieve lower cost per clicks and maintain top of page Ad positions, we focused on improving keyword quality scores within the account. This helped us stay competitive and spend less per click than competitors.

Screenshot showing campaign target keywords with the quality score column being highlighted


Campaign Results After 90 Days

Within the first 90 days All Rubbish Removal's campaign generated 90 new enquiries for a total Ad spend of £759.

Screenshot of All Rubbish Removal's campaigns results (01/06/21 - 01/09/21)

Campaign Results After 12 Months

The campaign continued to perform consistently and 12 months on it has produced 458 enquiries which has resulted in over £30,000 in new bookings. Many of the enquiries from within the Builders Waste campaign have led to repeat work and additional revenue.

Screenshot of All Rubbish Removal's campaign results (01/09/21 - 25/05/22)
I don't normally respond to cold emails, but I am so glad I did! We now have a steady source of 30 or more new enquiries per month that we can increase or decrease depending on how busy we are. I never thought this type of thing would work for me! Atomic Marketing have been great listeners and delivered on what they said they would.
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